CSD Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. Why did it take so long to bring the Crescent Sanitary District to Reality?
  • A. In the past years when the sewer board was handed the cost estimate for putting in the system, it overwhelmed the entire volunteer board. The present board, seeing how previous boards struggled, hired a professional from the beginning to assist with the fund raising. With the cooperation of numerous state agencies, we were able to obtain the funds through loans and grants to proceed.
  • Q. Who do I contact if I have a question regarding the Crescent Sanitary District?
  • A. Please use our contact page to contact the Board of Directors. A board member will contact you ASAP. If your question can wait, simply attend the next board meeting at the Crescent Community Club the second Wednesday of each month  and ask your question during the “Public Comment” time slot provided at each meeting.
  • Q. When will the Sewer System be in place and operable?
    A. We are getting closer to the construction phase which could be as soon as Spring or Early Summer of 2018. We will post a more definitive answer soon.
  • Q. I want to read the minutes from the board meetings, where do I find them?
    A. Go to the Meeting Minutes page. There you will find the CSD board meeting minutes. If you need information now, contact the Board of Directors or, attend the next Board Meeting.
  • Q. Why can’t I read the meeting minutes right after the current meeting was held?
    A. The meeting minutes must be typed and then approved at the next months board meeting. Once the meeting minutes have been approved, they are released for public viewing and posting on this website. (If you are interested in knowing whats happening with the Crescent Sanitary District, and getting the information without having to wait until the following month,  we invite you to attend our monthly board meetings.)
  • Q. How much is the new sewer system going to cost us each month?
    A. As we get closer to the new system becoming a reality, we will post cost information. We will have a more definite answer soon.

If you have other questions please feel free to contact us or, attend our next board meeting.